Fishing Buddy

Trout have short memories, but good eyes. There was no other explanation. As he sat on the boulder overlooking the alpine lake, he marveled at the total lack of wind. The surface of the three-acre lake was as featureless as a mirror. He could see every rock on the bottom, every fish as it swam. Especially the huge trout.

By sitting perfectly still, he could entice the trout to swim near, but as soon as he raised his rod to cast it would turn and race away. After a few minutes of stillness on his part, it would return. This pattern repeated. Again and again. Must be good eyes and short memory. Must be.

So, he finally gave up on the idea of catching it. It was very clever, deserved to live. When it approached and he did not raise his rod, it stopped a few yards away, facing him. He knew beyond doubt that it was staring at him. It stared long enough he knew it did not have a short attention span.

He became aware of an inner peace he had never known. He was certain the fish was smiling.

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