About Me

I have been a voracious reader my entire life. I prefer science fiction (the “hard” variety, not fantasy), murder mysteries, and spy novels, but I will read anything at all and have so many books there isn’t room for them all so they fill boxes stuffed away in closets. When I was a young man I used to fantasize about being an author but I never acted on it, and then when I was a middle-aged man I was too busy raising kids and coaching soccer to even remember my desire.

As I approached retirement I decided, “why not”? We are in the age of the self-publishing goldrush so I don’t have to curry the favor of the traditional publishing house to be published.

I have been studying the art of storytelling for the past five years and soaking up information about how to self publish. It took me three years, but I finished my first novel!


I have one brother, two daughters, three granddaughters and a grandson, and so many cousins that I can’t count them all since my Dad was a part of a large family (although I am closer to the cousins on my Mother’s side). Unfortunately I am divorced although it was amicable and we get along fine.


Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Texas at Arlington

Major: Management

Minor: Information Systems


I believe that my work background helps in creating believable characters since it is so varied. I have had many different jobs in many different fields, interacting with all kinds of people. I have lived all over America and had numerous accents although now I speak only fluent Texan. I started working when I was 16 and as a young man was footloose and fancy free, changing jobs a lot. Here is the list of my jobs in chronological order. I am pretty sure I missed a couple.

  • Potwasher at a cafeteria
  • Frycook
  • Baker
  • Asst. Mgr. at a “Pie Kitchen”
  • Layed tile
  • Installed marble on the side of tall buildings
  • Mixed concrete
  • Night Watchman
  • Furniture mover
  • Steel Estimator (tall buildings again)
  • Trim Carpenter
  • Lifeguard
  • Framing Carpenter
  • Trophy maker
  • Job Pusher on Framing crew
  • Life insurance salesman (wince)
  • Plumber
  • Surveyor for power company
  • Draftsman for same
  • Programmer for same
  • Unix System Administrator for same
  • Paperboy (seriously, in my 40s!)
  • Unix Engineer for retail company
  • Security Administrator for same
  • Unix Engineer for telecom company
  • Unix Engineer for consulting firm
  • DBA for same
  • Manager of unix team for same
  • Unix Engineer for airline
  • Performance Testing Engineer for same
  • Author


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