I haven’t added new posts to the research category for a long time for a very good reason: I’ve been writing! Now that I finished my first book, I thought I might update the research category with this important tidbit.

I use Scrivener on my laptop, and have since I started, but had to use other tools when I wanted to be ultra-mobile (sans laptop). Finally, Scrivener’s creator saw the light and created a version for iOS. I immediately bought an iPad Pro and installed the new software. It does not contain 100% of Scrivener’s functionality, but has everything essential to working on a project already created on the desktop. I love it and even have used it on my phone in a pinch. Example: when called to jury duty and forced to sit for a long boring wait to be void dired, I wrote two scenes on my iPhone as I waited.

The other essential tool I have been using is Pixelmator. I use it to create book covers (both eBook and print books). I am not an expert at it’s use, by any means, but I do well enough to create nice book covers.

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