First Draft Finished

The first draft of Canopy of Hope is finally done. Now I have to attack my ‘edit list’, about 15 things I want to change. Getting close…

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I met a nice person at the Mall today. When he heard I was a writer he was immediately interested and wanted to know where to find my work.

Although I don’t have a finished novel to offer him, I pointed him at this site so he could a least sample and hear my ‘writing voice’. 

His interest was encouraging, dare I say uplifting. 

The novel is in the final stages. Soon I will have more to share with him and the world.

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The book “Canopy of Hope” is coming along nicely. I am up to about 45,000 words. I am not sure how many words it will take to complete the story, but I am guessing around 80,000. 

I have gotten a lot of editing help from classmates and friends, one who once earned a living as an Editor. It has been really helpful. 

That is one of the surprises about writing; the amount of work that goes into editing is enormous.

I am currently working on Chapter 15. 

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I should have posted earlier about the presentation in Forney. The Forney Fine Arts Council is composed of some fine people. I really enjoyed meeting them and the discussions that we had. 

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Forney Arts Council

I have been invited to speak by the FAC’s Literary Committee on the subject of self-publishing. 

It will be at Crumbzz in Forney, TX, located at 212 S. Boris D’Arc and happen at 6:30pm June 2nd

I am not a polished speaker, but am exited all the same. 

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Flash Fiction

I was challenged to write a story in 100 words or less. Here is my attempt — 100 words exactly.


She remembered the tattoo. Everything else about the incident was unclear, lost in the dustbin of memory. She knew she had the accident, of course, but most of the details were fuzzy. The sounds of glass shattering and metal bending seemed unreal. The tattoo was real and present in her mind everyday. A red bird perched on a branch.

She looked at the wrist of every stranger she met, hoping to see it again. The first time she saw it was as she was being pulled from the wreckage. The next time she saw it she hoped to see the face of the man who liked red birds.

It took years for her to give up hope of seeing it again. When the nice guy from work asked her to lunch it was the last thing on her mind. He was pleasant company and not bad to look at. He spilled his coffee when she screamed. The waiter with the red bird on his wrist was so startled he dropped her sandwich.

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CreateSpace Webinar

I attended a free Webinar given by Joel Friedlander (his site is referenced in the panel to the right) on the subject of Amazon’s CresteSpace which is used for print books. 

In the Webinar he stepped through an example of registering for CreateSpace and submitting a book for publishing. It was very informative with many answered questions and examples.

He took the time and trouble, of course, to pitch one of his Templates for self-publishing. That looks like a decent product for the right people, the information gained is well worth the time. 

I believe you can still go watch it by visiting his site. 

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The book is coming along nicely. Although some of time since retirement has been spent with family — one of my kids moved a thousand miles away — I have been making progress. I have 25000 words so far. The book will be maybe 60000-80000 words so that is about one third of the way. 

I write a minimum of four days a week, sometimes five. Making good progress. 

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I know I will initially need Beta readers to help get a feel for the strengths and weaknesses of my writing; it’s hard to see your own faults. But, I am now discovering the power of being part of a group of writers.

The members of my writing class have been extremely helpful not just with copy editing of my writing, as I expected, but also with more comprehensive structural editing of the shape of my story. 

These revelations are much easier to incorporate in my writing when discovered earlier.  I strongly recommend having a support group of fellow writers. 

Many thanks to Lee and Andrew. 

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I installed the WordPress app on my phone. This should make it much more convenient to post to the blog. The proof is in the pudding, so we’ll see. 

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