The name of this website, Wasted Poet, refers not to an alchohol induced state of mind but rather to the sad fact that I wasted much of my life not following my dream of writing. I decided late in life to go for it. I have finished the first two books of my Canopy Trilogy, Canopy of Hope and Canopy of Mystery.

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Below the line are synopsis of my books, both published and works in progress  The tabs in the header at the top of the page have samples of my writing, organized by genre, as well as info about me. These are mostly short stories I’ve written over the years as I learn my craft. — Enjoy…



A tale of the spirit of human survival, this book is a love story embedded in a thriller, wrapped in science fiction. When our sun becomes unstable, mankind launches a starship to go to a remote star system. We can flee the coming nova, but can we escape human nature?


Humans build a civilization on Canopy, a planet with three suns covered in forests 12,000 feet tall. Manklind didn’t expect Canopy to already be occupied with a powerful sentient species.  Their culture and motivations are a mystery that must be solved to survive. The first children born on Canopy might be able to unlock the puzzle.


???? Work in progress

Mirai Miles finds the destiny of the human race in her hands. Mankind’s survival depends on her ability to determine how humans can evolve to fight the powerful local species. Trying to avoid a deadly war just might be more than she can handle.


???? Work in progress

Amusing stories based on zany shenanigans of a deep-woods survey crew plying their trade in Texas.

Surveying can be dangerous, but normally it ain’t funny, ‘cept when Bobby Earl turned even the simplest task into a hilarious adventure. I survived working with him in spite of extremely long odds. My stories are based on fact, although the names were changed to protect the guilty. They are 90% memoir and 10% elaboration with a dash of BS. All embellishments and exaggerations are true except the ones that aren’t. You can believe’em ’cause I’m honest. Or, as Bobby Earl once said, “If I say a hen dips snuff, you can look under her wing for the can.”


???? Work in progress

When an drunken idiot causes Evangeline to suffer the loss of her mobility, the courts do nothing. So she does something. It’s one thing to get your identity hacked for money. It’s a whole different beast when it’s done for revenge.

Evangeline Evans, a paraplegic computer hacker, believes the world is an unjust place full of thoughtless people that needs her own special form of justice.  She discovers an NSA analyst with access to advanced surveillance technology, is on to her. This leads to paranoia and then a struggle to accept that maybe, just maybe, her worldview is inaccurate and some people are decent and caring.

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